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Learn More About Tucson, AZ

Heading across the desolate desert from Yuma, or through the scorched, arid mountains from Las Cruces, New Mexico, one will find Tucson, Arizona.  Tucson is south of Phoenix near the U.S.-Mexican border.  Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona.  Tucson attracts retired “snowbirds,” those interested in Southwestern culture and arts, and fans of the Tucson Rodeo.

Tucson’s economy is centered on the University of Arizona and the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and its downtown is undergoing current revitalization efforts.  As a growing city, Tucson has need for its more than 2,000 lawyers.

With so many Tucson lawyers to choose from, how can you pinpoint and meet an outstanding and ethical lawyer willing to take your case?’s goal is to match every client with a legal problem with the right Tucson lawyer for their case.  They achieve this goal completely free of charge.  Simply enter your problem details, and you will be matched with pre-screened Tucson attorneys interested in fighting for your cause.

Tucson lawyers specialize in many legal areas, including bankruptcy law, divorce law, criminal law, personal injury law, and real estate law.  Recently, Tucson Greyhound Park filed a defamation lawsuit against a dog lover who blogged that thousands of dogs have died in the past 60 years of the Park’s dog-racing.  Such statements may be false and inflammatory, destroying the goodwill of the Park.  In part because of the competency of the dog-lover’s lawyers, the Park dropped the suit if certain blog statements were edited and censored.  The dog lover’s lawyers, however, regretted that they could not stop the “chilling effect” of the lawsuit on free speech.

Tucson lawyers need to know the ins and outs of the Arizona Superior Court of Pima County.  This court has various departments including: probation, case management, conciliation, probate, criminal, and appeals.

Currently, you may not be ready to talk with a Tucson lawyer.  If your lawsuit is merely anticipated, you can peruse the useful information in LegalMatch’s Law Library, a unique legal resource packed with over 3000 articles.

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