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Learn More About Buckeye, AZ

Located in Maricopa County, the city of Buckeye has recently seen a massive population increase. In 2007, Buckeye was ranked as the second fastest growing city in the entire nation by Forbes Magazine. Buckeye’s population boom occurred in the early part of the 21st century with a growth of 192% from 2000 to 2007.

If you need the help of a legal professional in Buckeye, there are a number of talented Buckeye lawyers that can assist you. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in a number of areas of law including personal injury, criminal defense, contracts, tax, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, DUI, insurance fraud, divorce and more.

The city of Buckeye recently paid a local mortgage broker $17,000 to settle the lawsuit that the man brought against the city and its police department. The lawsuit arose when Buckeye police arrested and held the man for 14 hours for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman. The district attorney never brought charges against the man, but had leaked information to the press about the arrest and the name of the man arrested. The lawsuit that was settled alleged false imprisonment, unlawful arrest and defamation.

After you have had charges filed against you in Buckeye, you should prepare yourself to go to the Maricopa County Superior Court. This court hears most types of cases that arise in Buckeye and is located nearby in Phoenix. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and are familiar with its inner workings.

If you have been having a hard time finding a great Buckeye attorney to take your case, you should visit LegalMatch. We offer clients like yourself a free online legal matching service that can quickly refer you to attorneys in your area that have represented clients in situations similar to yours.

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