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Learn More About Tempe, AZ

Tempe’s modern history mirrors many others in the American southwest. A railroad station initially connected the area to the outside world in the late 1800’s, leading to a period of rapid growth. The Roosevelt dam followed one generation later, supplying the booming city and its industries with much needed water. Finally, statehood followed for Arizona in 1912, almost 20 years after the town itself was incorporated.

Tempe AZ Lawyers

Tempe lawyers are familiar with the rules and procedures specific to the Maricopa County Superior Court and Maricopa Justice Court. They are also experienced handling matters in other divisions of the Maricopa County court system, such as the Family Court, Civil Department, and Criminal Department.

Attorneys in Tempe can help you with a variety of legal problems. These include bankruptcy law, criminal law, family law, and fraud. Tempe lawyers are currently suing a local fraud protection company, alleging that the company itself is engaging in fraudulent conduct. The lawsuit alleges that their advertised service guarantee, while purporting to offer $1 million in fraud protection should any of their customers become victims of identity theft, actually only protects against loss when the company itself is responsible for the customer’s loss. Such a practice, the suit contends, makes the guarantee completely reliant upon the company admitting its own negligence and therefore meaningless.

As part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Tempe is home to a large number of attorneys and legal professionals. Instead of searching through the herd yourself, LegalMatch can connect you to local Tempe lawyers for free. Simply tell about your case, and our unique matching service will network you with local qualified Tempe attorneys that are experts in their field.

Before speaking to a Tempe lawyer, you might be interested in learning more about Arizona law. Explore the following links to shed some light on your legal issue:

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