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New Berlin, Wisconsin is the most populous of its five namesakes in the United States, in part because it is a popular place to live among Milwaukee's many professionals including Milwaukee lawyers. New Berlin is home to all of the normal city amenities like golf courses and shops but the Boerner Botanical Gardens attracts visitors from across the nation for its renowned Arboretum and free horticultural classes.

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New Berlin is not only a great place to get in touch with nature but also a great place to find a lawyer. New Berlin lawyers are able to help you with any legal issue that you may face, including contract disputes, business law, divorces, child custody matters, and wrongful terminations, among others. 

Recently in New Berlin, resident Glen Werns won his lawsuit against the Motion Fitness & Racquet Club of New Berlin. The racquet club owners promised Werns a general manager position and a 50% stake in the company if he redeveloped the property. Werns completed the changes, but the company refused to honor the verbal agreement.  A Waukesha County Superior Court jury found Werns was entitled to $3 million for his work and the original verbal agreement.

If you are filing a lawsuit in New Berlin, it is important to note that the New Berlin Municipal Court deals solely with traffic and ordinance violations issued by the city or its affiliate programs. For most cases including civil, most criminal, probate, family, and otherwise you will have to file with the Waukesha County Circuit Court. Be sure you are filing with the correct judicial entity by hiring a trustworthy New Berlin lawyer.

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