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When it comes time to find a lawyer, many people do not know where to begin.  If you are in Alabama, there are several resources available to give you a good first step.

The Alabama State Bar offers an attorney referral service on its website.  The service first asks you to pick the general legal area you are concerned with, and then asks you to pick from a list of more specific legal topics.  After inputting your location and some basic information about yourself, the service will then provide one lawyer referral.  This service is free to use, and the fee for your initial consultation with your lawyer is $50.

In addition to the service offered by the Alabama Bar, both the Birmingham and Mobile Bar Associations offer their own lawyer referrals.  The Birmingham Bar offers a simple service on their website.  After picking the area of law you are concerned with, the service provides a list of all lawyers that practice in that area.  While this service is free to use, there is no information about the cost of the initial consultation.

The Mobile Bar offers a more traditional attorney referral service.  This service is reached by telephone, and will provide one lawyer referral.  This service is free of charge, and the cost for your initial consultation with your lawyer is only $15.

Finally, many people choose to use a private attorney referral service, since services often offer a more complete option.  These services can be found online.  In addition to providing multiple Alabama lawyer referrals, they often give information about those lawyers to help you make your choice.  Most of these private attorney referral services are free to use, and the initial consultation with your lawyer is usually range from $0 - $50.

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