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Learn More About Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro, Oregon is the fifth largest city in Oregon with a population of 89,000 people. It is a family friendly and affordable place to live and is a growing community. Known as the “Silicon Forest,” it is the home of many high-tech companies in the Pacific Northwest. Fishing, hunting, agriculture, and wineries also contribute to Hillsboro’s diverse economic base.  

Experienced Hillsboro lawyers can be found to assist clients in a variety of legal fields. With Hillsboro status as the “Silicon Forest” many Hillsboro lawyers are experienced in business and employment law. In addition, Hillsboro lawyers are able to represent clients in questions of law related to family law, wills and trusts, and bankruptcy law.

Hillsboro is part of Washington County and is in the 20th Judicial District of Oregon. There are two courthouses in Hillsboro: Hillsboro Municipal Court and the Washington County Circuit Court. Lawyers practicing in Hillsboro should be familiar with both courthouses. The Hillsboro Municipal Court deals only with minor traffic violations, parking citations, and violations of city ordinances. The Washington Country Courthouse, located in Hillsboro, hears cases pertaining to criminal and civil matters, family law, juvenile matters, and probate law.

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