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Learn More About Aloha, OR

Aloha is a census designated place and unincorporated area located in the northwestern part of Oregon. Although the name seems eerily similar to the Hawaiian word, it is pronounced slightly differently. The area attempted to incorporate itself in 1984, but an agency halted the process because it deemed that the area could not provide the services that a municipality must.

When you need the help of a legal professional in Aloha, there are a number of talented Aloha lawyers that are ready to assist you. These attorneys have experience in many areas of law including tax, divorce, bankruptcy, child custody, child support, criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, automobile accidents, wrongful death and more.

Four immigrants from Mexico were recently arrested in Aloha on drug charges. Two of the suspects were arrested after police observed them engaging in a drug deal on the streets of Aloha. Later, when the police served a search warrant on a residence that was linked to the two individuals, the police arrested two more immigrants. As well, the police recovered over a pound of heroin as well as $20,000 in cash from the residence. In addition to facing charges on drug dealing, these immigrants will also likely face deportation / removal.

The lawyers in Aloha regularly practice their profession in the 20th Judicial Circuit Court of Oregon. It is important for the success of your case that the attorney you hire is well versed in this court and knows the rules and procedures that apply there.

LegalMatch can help you find an Aloha attorney that has the experience needed to represent you in court. We offer you a free online service that can quickly and easily match you to the right attorneys in your area. Best of all, we pre-screen all of the legal professionals that we work with to better serve you.

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