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Learn More About Bend, OR

Bend, OR is Central Oregon’s de facto Metropolis. Bend was incorporated as a city in 1905 and in the past century it has grown to a population of over 80,000 people. Today Bend is identified as a gateway for outdoor sports ranging anywhere from mountain biking to skiing to water rafting. Bend is populated by a diversity of races including African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and Whites.

Bend is home to many qualified and experienced Bend lawyers. These attorneys specialize in legal fields including bankruptcy, business, child custody, divorce, parole and probation, taxation and others.

A Bend lawyer was recently involved in the parole hearing of the notorious “thrill killer” of Bend. Jeffrey Lee Spoonire has been eligible for a parole hearing every two years since 1995 for his 1982 murder of Mary Ann Thomas. The victim’s families and friends continue to win in their opposition to Spoonire’s parole request.

Most of the cases in Bend will originally be heard in the Oregon Circuit Court. Different courts will require different legal approaches. An experienced and effective attorney will have knowledge of the court and the laws that pertain to your case.

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