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Learn More About Multnomah County, OR

The home of Portland, Multnomah County is one of Oregon’s oldest and largest counties. It shares a border with Washington and was first discovered by Lewis and Clark as they trekked the famous Oregon Trail.
Multnomah County lawyers can assist you with any legal issues you may be facing. These include personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, real estate, and many more.
Multnomah County was the source of a recent famous first amendment case. In 2000, Congress passed a law forcing public libraries to filter content on their computers. Lawyers for Multnomah County argued that the law was unconstitutional and made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which agreed and overturned the law.
This case began in federal court, but the vast majority of cases in Multnomah County begin in the 4th Judicial District and the Multnomah County Circuit Court. If you have a case in Multnomah County, you will want to hire an attorney familiar with this court’s rules and procedures.
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