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Learn More About Keizer, OR

Located in the Willamette Valley, the city of Keizer is the center of the world’s iris industry. Due to the rich soil in the valley, Keizer has abundant blooming gardens, nurseries, wineries and crops. The city is a great place to visit and live because of its central location, which makes accessing places like the beach and nearby cities easy and enjoyable.

If you need legal assistance in Keizer, there are many talented Keizer lawyers who are available to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in many legal areas including tax, personal injury, DUI, corporate, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and many others.

Recently, a Keizer man was sued by the Oregon Attorney General for allegedly taking money from his customers for work he never completed, and in some cases never started. In addition to these acts, it is alleged that the Keizer man ignored the notices and warnings sent to him by the Attorney General’s office. The Keizer man is facing charges including violation of state consumer protection laws as well as violations of state licensing laws, and is facing a civil penalty fee of up to $25,000 for each violation. In addition to these charges, the man may have to pay restitution to each of his customers.

Keizer is served by the Marion County Circuit Court in nearby Salem, which is a trial court of general jurisdiction and hears most civil and criminal cases. In addition, both the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court are within easy driving distance of Keizer. If you have a lawsuit in Keizer, you will most likely report to one or more of these courts. Having a lawyer with local knowledge would be a big asset for your case.

If you need help finding a local Keizer lawyer, LegalMatch is here to help you. Here at LegalMatch, we are dedicated to matching you up with the lawyer who is best qualified to meet your needs. You can have peace of mind because we only work with attorneys who are in good standing with the local bar association. There’s no point in delaying any longer, check us out today!

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