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Learn More About Gresham, OR

Located just off the major city of Portland, Gresham was named for the American Civil War General Walter Quinton Gresham. According to recent census estimates, Gresham is the fourth largest city in the state. Every year since 1982, Gresham has hosted the Mount Hood Jazz Festival which has featured some big name artists such as B.B. King and Sonny Rollins.

If you are in need of legal counsel while you are in Gresham, there are many Gresham lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys practice in many areas of law including tax, personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, assault and battery, wills, real estate, alimony, child custody, criminal defense, and more.

Recently, the Oregon Attorney General filed suit against a weight loss center in Gresham claiming that the company violated Oregon statutes that relate to fair business and advertising. The lawsuit claims that the advertisements said that clients could sign up for $9 a week plus the cost of food. In reality, the lawsuit claims, clients were charged hundreds of dollars up front and only then were they allowed to enroll in the $9 a week program. In addition, the company allegedly hired fitness counselors that clients could speak to and passed these persons off as experts. The lawsuit claims that these employees did not have any training in the fields of nutrition or fitness and were only staff members or former clients of the company. The lawsuit is seeking $25,000 for each violation of the Oregon laws and to have the company reimburse all of the clients who wanted their money back.

If you have a lawsuit to file that arose in Gresham, you will most likely have to report to the Multnomah County Circuit Court. The circuit courts of Oregon are the trial courts of general jurisdiction and hear both civil and criminal cases. A local attorney can really help your case if you have to litigate here.

LegalMatch is your online tool that you can use to quickly and easily find a qualified and experienced Gresham lawyer to represent you. We offer you a free service that can match your case with attorneys in your area that have represented other people in similar situations. Also, while you are at our site, you can look through our LegalCenter where you will find articles about popular legal topics and a wealth of other information.

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