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Learn More About Jackson County, OR

Jackson County was named for 17th President Andrew Jackson and today is home to about 201,150 residents. Jackson County’s largest city and county seat is Medford. Besides agriculture, lumber, manufacturing, and tourism, Jackson County is known for soapstone mining and 10,000 acres of orchards.
A number of Jackson County residents are lawyers and consult on cases like chapter 13 bankruptcy, automobile accident injury, divorce, probate, and the drafting of wills and trusts. Lawyers in Jackson County take a very diverse mix of cases and are familiar with local and state court procedures.
Jackson County was recently ranked as one of the top cancer risk cities by the Environmental Protection Agency. Jackson County and other Interstate-5 corridor adjacent locations like Klamath County were not only the highest cancer risks in the Pacific Northwest but the entire United States. While Klamath County produced numbers like 30 to 40 out of each million, Jackson County residents are subjected to more than double the risk at 100 cases out of each million.
If you are looking to file a motion in Jackson County, you will likely be visiting the Jackson County Circuit Court in Medford. Oregon Circuit Courts are responsible for ruling on cases like small claims cases not exceeding $5,000, juvenile, and traffic cases but also retain exclusive jurisdiction over tort, contact, real property, civil, domestic relations excluding adoption, felony, termination of parental rights cases, as well as criminal and civil appeals.
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