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Learn More About Beaverton, OR

There is not much mystery to the origins of Beaverton’s name. It was founded next to a large body of water created by none other than—beavers. Although the beaver dams are long gone, they live on in the town’s name and its city seal.

Beaverton is part of Washington County, one of the largest counties in Washington. Its proximity to Portland, the largest city in Oregon, means that finding an attorney in Beaverton might seem overwhelming. Let LegalMatch make your search easy by matching you with a local Beaverton lawyer for free.

Beaverton attorneys practice in areas such as criminal law, personal injury law, divorce law, bankruptcy law, and real estate transactions. Beaverton attorneys were recently faced with the unique position of defending a police officer against a city-issued speeding ticket. Although speeding tickets normally don’t cause trials, this one was caught on Beaverton’s controversial photo radar system, which officers and citizens alike decry as unfair and possibly illegal. The officer lost the case, but not before sparking a huge controversy in the city.

Beaverton attorneys are familiar with the Washington County Court system, part of Oregon’s 20th Judicial District. Beaverton lawyers also regularly practice in the Beaverton Municipal Court. The Municipal court generally hears smaller cases, but regardless of what legal dilemma you have, securing competent legal counsel early on can help prevent larger problems down the line.

Sometimes a good Beaverton lawyer can save you money without ever going to court. Lawyers for Nike, an international corporate giant with offices near Beaverton, successfully prevented the town of Beaverton from annexing land that would have brought its offices into the Beaverton city limits. The company feared higher taxation rates that could have cost the company millions of dollars.

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