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Learn More About Springfield, OR

Springfield, Oregon, is a city named after a natural spring located within the city boundaries. For many years, Springfield’s economic base was supported by a thriving lumber industry. However, in the 1940’s, the lumber resources became scarce which forced Springfield to diversify its economic base. Today the healthcare industry has a strong hold on the economic base of the community of Springfield. In addition, Springfield, Oregon is believed to be the real city which the cartoon ‘The Simpson’ is set. This belief is said to have been confirmed by creator of the series, Matt Groening, when he sent a plaque to Springfield saying: "Yo to Springfield, Oregon – the real Springfield."

There are many qualified lawyers in Springfield who specialize in areas of law related to your case. Springfield lawyers represent clients with family law matters, will and trusts issues, real estate law, and criminal cases.

Springfield is part of Lane County and is in the 2nd Judicial District of Oregon. Cases filed within the Springfield legal system will be heard either in the Springfield Municipal Court or Lane County Circuit Court. The Oregon State Constitution provides that municipal courts have jurisdiction over minor traffic violations, parking citations, and violations of city ordinances. In addition, the Oregon State Constitution also gives the Circuit Courts jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters, family law, juvenile cases, and probate law. 

When looking for a lawyer to represent your case in Springfield, LegalMatch has an exhaustive list of lawyers for you to select from. LegalMatch has pre-screened all the lawyers in our directory which ensures you are working with a qualified lawyer. LegalMatch allows you to review a lawyer’s qualifications, rates, and availability with no obligation.

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