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Learn More About Lake Oswego, OR

Lake Oswego is located in Clackamas County and is widely known as one of the best areas to live in because of its relative location to the Portland Airport and downtown areas. Today, Lake Oswego is home to 36,000 residents who also enjoy lakeside beaches and nearby winter ski locations like Bend.

Lake Oswego is home to handful of lawyers who are knowledgeable of local court procedures. Lawyers in Lake Oswego advise clients in a wide range of cases like assault, bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, and immigration cases.

Recently in Lake Oswego, drug dealer Vidal Carillo-Carillo was sentenced to 15 years in prison for racketeering. The Attorney General stated that he was responsible for selling 15 pounds of heroin each week. Seven other gang members who participated in the drug operation were given sentences as well after an 18-month investigation, one of the largest in Oregon history.

If you have pending criminal charges or are looking to file for divorce, you will probably be going to the Clackamas County Circuit Court. Oregon Circuit Courts exclusively handle tort, contract, real property, probate, civil, domestic relations, criminal cases like felonies, as well as termination of parental rights.

LegalMatch will pair you with a reputable Lake Oswego lawyer who is familiar with local courts. Also, check out the Law Library that has 4,000 articles on all kinds of legal topics.

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