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Attorneys in OregonOregon maintains a Supreme Court, Appellate Court, and State Trial Court. Over 11,000 Oregon lawyers are licensed to practice in the state, and each member of the bar must pass a vigorous bar examination and background check before being admitted to practice.

Visitors to Oregon, particularly those from California, often make two common mistakes: pumping their own gas and staying in the fast lane after passing. In Oregon, all gas stations are full service. Furthermore, on highways in Oregon drivers must move back into the right lanes after passing on the left, as traveling in the fast lane is prohibited.

Oregon also has its place in the development of the United States judicial system. A case well known to attorneys, legal academics, and every law student is the case of Pennoyer v. Neff. Although no longer good law, this case was the first of many to lay the groundwork for “long arm jurisdiction,” the now common practice of bringing out of state defendants into state court where the plaintiff lives.Oregon Lawyers - Oregon Attorneys

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Oregon is in the majority as far as marriage laws, and is not a community property state. This means that in Oregon, property acquired during marriage is not automatically equally owned by both spouses.  In Oregon married couples also have the right to a “no fault” divorce, meaning that a marriage can be dissolved without showing that it was the fault of either partner.

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