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U.S. Naturalization Lawyers

An individual who was born outside the United States to non-U.S. citizen parents can only become an American citizen via the naturalization process.

What Should I Know about the Naturalization Process?

After five years of being a permanent resident in the U.S., an individual can apply to become a citizen by completing the Application for Naturalization Form 400. However, they should keep in mind some legal considerations when completing and filing the application, such as:

Do I Need to Wait for Five Years before Starting the Process?

Whether a person actually needs to satisfy the five-year residency requirement before beginning the naturalization process depends on that individual’s circumstances. A legal permanent resident can file for naturalization before completely satisfying the five-year waiting period if they are:

Remember, the individual must meet specific eligibility requirements, including:

Should I Consult a Lawyer about the Naturalization Process?

If you are seeking to become a U.S. citizen, it is in your best interest to speak to an immigration lawyer. The lawyer will discuss the process with you, and they will file all pertinent paperwork on your behalf.

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