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What Are Criminal Lawyers?

Criminal lawyers provide legal assistance for persons who may be facing criminal charges. While each defendant in a criminal case has a right to a state-appointed attorney, many defendants choose to hire their own lawyer for specific tasks. Criminal lawyer perform legal functions such as researching criminal laws, interpreting criminal statutes, reviewing witness statements, and formulating criminal defense arguments.

What Are Some Common Criminal Charges in Phoenix, Arizona?

In Phoenix, some common criminal charges include:

As an international border state, Arizona is also subject to various international and interstate crimes, including immigration crimes and various interstate traffic crimes.

What Are Some Rights of Criminal Defendants?

Criminal defendants have various rights, which are provided by several legal sources. These include the U.S. Constitution, as well as federal and state criminal laws. Some of the most important rights of criminal defendants include the right:

Violations of criminal defendant rights can often have major effects on a criminal case. Many defendants are actually not aware of these rights, which is why it is important to hire a lawyer for legal representation.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Criminal Charges in Phoenix?

Arizona criminal laws and statutes can sometimes involve some complex legal issues. You may wish to hire a Phoenix, AZ criminal defense lawyer if you need help with a criminal case. Your attorney can represent you during the legal process to ensure that your rights as a criminal defendant are fully represented. You can also make specific inquiries with your lawyer if you have any questions regarding criminal defenses or other issues.

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