A criminal lawyer represents persons who are being charged with a criminal offense. Also called a criminal defense lawyer, or criminal defense attorney, this type of lawyer assists clients by:

  • Researching criminal laws and statutes
  • Answering legal questions that the client might have
  • Studying the evidence that will be used during trial
  • Anticipating arguments from the opposing side
  • Organizing a defense strategy
  • Assisting with appeals

Criminal laws may vary from state to state; thus, criminal lawyers must be licensed in any state that they wish to practice in, and must be well-versed in the laws of that state and county.

What Are Some Common Criminal Cases in New York?

Some common types of criminal cases in New York include:

In addition, these types of crimes, various types of white collar crime (tax fraud, etc.) can also happen in the region. These can often occur in connection with various local businesses and home-operated businesses.

What Are Some Common Defenses in a Criminal Case?

Criminal defenses may depend on the type of charges involved as well as the facts surrounding the criminal case. Common criminal defenses include: self-defense; mistake of fact; intoxication; mental incapacity; and coercion/duress. Some defenses such as mistake of fact may not be available in all types of criminal cases.

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer in the Bronx, NY?

Criminal laws can often involve several different legal concepts and may be difficult to understand. You may need to hire a Bronx criminal lawyer if you need assistance with criminal matters. A qualified lawyer can provide you with legal representation and advice if you are facing criminal charges. Also, if you have any specific questions or requests, your criminal law attorney can perform legal research to address these needs.