Criminal law attorneys help to defend a client against charges that are brought against them by the state. In a criminal case, the prosecutor represents the state and brings charges against the defendant. On the other side is the defense attorney, which may either be provided by the state or hired personally by the defendant.

Many defendants choose to hire their own attorney rather than utilize the one provided by the state. This can help them avoid conflicts of interest or other issues during trial.

What Services Do Criminal Law Attorneys Provide?

The main role of a criminal defense attorney is to help the client with their trial. This includes tasks such as:

  • Researching criminal laws involved in the charges
  • Review the facts of the case at hand
  • Reviewing evidence that may be used in court
  • Formulating legal arguments
  • Raising defenses for the client
  • Helping with witness statements and interviews
  • Reviewing court judgments
  • Filing and completing appeals if these are needed

In addition criminal law attorneys can sometimes represent and assist clients in other settings. For instance, criminal law attorneys may help with mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods. This is especially common for juvenile crime cases. They may also assist with parole, probation, and other similar requirements.

What Are Some Common Criminal Cases in New Jersey?

Some common criminal cases in New Jersey include:

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in New Jersey?

New Jersey criminal laws can often be complex and somewhat difficult to understand. You may need to hire a New Jersey criminal law lawyer if you or a loved one of yours is facing criminal charges. Your attorney can perform various tasks in order to assist with preparation before trial. Also, your lawyer can be on hand to represent you during court meetings and other hearings as well.