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Most Common Defense and Criminal Law Issues

How Do I Know Whether I Have a Criminal Case?

Many criminal cases go unreported because they are unaware that a criminal violation has occurred. While each case is different, and all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, you may have a criminal case on hand if the following have occurred to you:

In most cases, it helps to speak to the police or to a criminal lawyer if you feel that you have a claim. Legal and enforcement authorities can help inform you of your legal rights and whether or not you have a case to file.

What Are Some Common Criminal Law Issues?

Some of the most commonly filed criminal cases include:

Other criminal law issues may overlap with other violations. A common example of this is a copyright violation, which involves intellectual property laws. However, copyright violations often result in federal criminal charges. Another example is in immigration law, where criminal charges can result in deportation or other immigration consequences.

How Are Criminal Violations Punished?

Some cases, such as simple assault and battery may be classified as misdemeanors and are punishable by short jail time and/or a legal fine. Other more serious crimes like homicide cases are classified as felonies. These may result in stricter consequences and greater punishments for the defendants.

Some criminal violations are considered to be very minor and may result in less consequences or a citation similar to a traffic citation. An example of this is with disturbing the peace charges, which is a minor crime in some states.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with a Criminal Case?

Criminal cases generally require the help of an experienced criminal law attorney. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need legal advice or if you believe that you have a criminal case. Your attorney can provide you with representation and can inform you of your rights in relation to the case. Also, your lawyer can help when it comes to preparing evidence and other issues for trial.

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