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What Are Some Common Texas Criminal Cases?

Every state has different criminal laws. This is because each state is different demographically as well as geographically. In particular, Texas criminal cases often involve legal issues such as:

As in any state, drunk driving and DUI-related crimes make up a large portion of Texas criminal cases. Texas also maintains habitual offender statutes, which increase criminal penalties for repeat offenders.

What Other Criminal Issues Are Common in Texas?

In addition to these types of criminal cases, the following criminal issues also receive many inquiries and questions:

Lastly, drug crimes are also a major concern in Texas. Again, this may be due to Texas’ location in terms of borders. The Controlled Substances Act governs drug crimes and drug trafficking in Texas.

Do Immigration Violations Count as Criminal Charges?

This depends on the type of violation. Serious immigration violations such as defrauding an immigration official or illegal immigration can be counted as criminal charges in some cases. Conversely, criminal charges can sometimes lead to immigration consequences. For instance, a felony charge usually results in a person being subject to a removal hearing. Many immigration attorneys deal with criminal matters, and criminal attorney must often have knowledge of immigration matters.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Criminal Laws in Texas?

Texas criminal laws can sometimes be complex and difficult to understand completely. You may need to hire a lawyer if you or a loved one needs help with a criminal case in Texas. A qualified Texas attorney can provide you with representation and legal advice throughout the duration of the criminal trial process.

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