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What Is a Criminal Case?

A criminal case involves violations of state or federal criminal laws. These are different from civil violations which exist between two private citizens. In a criminal case, it is the state that brings the legal action against the defendant. A state prosecutor typically represents the government and prosecutes the defendant for the alleged crime. Most criminal cases involve intentional actions that are deemed dangerous or reprehensible to society. Every state has different criminal laws and criminal procedure laws.

What Are some Common Criminal Cases in California?

Like every other state, California has its own body of criminal laws and statutes, such as laws criminalizing revenge porn. Some of the more common crimes in California include:

Also, as a border state, California also deals heavily with immigration and border-crossing complaints. These are often criminal in nature, such as when illegal drugs are smuggled into California through international borders.

What Is California’s "Three Strikes Law"?

California is one of several states which enforce a three strikes law. California’s three strikes law imposes harsh prison sentences for persons who have incurred three felony convictions. On the third felony conviction, the defendant will receive a "25 to life" sentence (that is, 25 years to life imprisonment, depending on the judge’s discretion).

California’s 3 Strikes Law is particularly strict in that it is imposed regardless of how serious the previous two felonies were. Thus, a person can receive a life sentence on a third strike even if the previous felonies were non-violent in nature.

Besides the Three Strikes Law, California is also noted for other criminal laws, such as those related to sexual abuse as well as relaxed laws on marijuana possession.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with California Criminal Cases?

Criminal laws in California are somewhat strict, especially when it comes to felony convictions. You may wish to hire a California attorney if you or a loved one of yours needs legal representation. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and information for your case. Also, your criminal lawyer can represent you during formal court hearings and meetings.

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