Criminal defense attorneys represent their clients who are facing criminal charges. They perform various tasks in preparation for trial, including:

  • Researching local, state, and federal criminal laws and statutes
  • Obtaining statements from witnesses and expert witnesses
  • Examining information or items that may be used for trial
  • Creating criminal defense arguments
  • Making oral arguments in court
  • Filing appeals when needed

Criminal defense attorneys may sometimes perform other roles. For instance, some cases involve criminal mediation as an alternative for trial. In such cases, a criminal attorney may assist a client during these types of alternative dispute resolutions.

What Are Some Common Types of Criminal Charges in Atlanta?

Similar to other urban centers, common criminal charges in Atlanta, Georgia may include:

In addition, Atlanta also experiences some white collar crime, immigration-related crimes, and other types of crimes.

What’s the Difference between Misdemeanors and Felonies?

Atlanta criminal defense attorneys may assist with both misdemeanor and felony charges. Misdemeanor crimes are generally less serious and involve less than one year of jail time. Examples of these include petty theft, some types of assault crimes and simple drug possession crimes.

Felonies are more serious and often involve jail times of greater than one year. Also, the sentence is usually served in a state prison facility rather than a county facility. Felonies may include grand theft auto, drug distribution crimes, and aggravated assault or homicide. Both misdemeanors and felonies may involve criminal fines. Wobbler crimes are those crimes that can be charged either as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the facts of the case.

Should I Hire My Own Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The state generally provides a criminal defense attorney in any criminal case. However, many defendants choose to hire their own attorney. This can be very beneficial, especially if the defendant has specific preferences and requirements for their lawyer. You may need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia if you need legal representation. Your attorney can inform you of your rights as a criminal defendant and can represent you throughout the duration of your case.