Gym Accident Statistics

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Gym Accident Statistics

Gyms are places where people go to improve their health and physical condition. In 2008, 45.5 million Americans owned gym memberships. Gyms are also often open to non-members who may want to check out the facilities before joining or only want to attend for a day. As a result, gyms are generally open to the public and must make sure that their facility is reasonably safe for anyone to visit.

While gyms owe a duty of care to all members and visitors to not be negligent and keep them relatively safe from any foreseeable injuries, gyms don’t always take the requisite measures to prevent accidents from occurring:

Injuries from Weight Training and Exercise Equipment

General Gym Accident Statistics

Can an Attorney Help Me to Sue a Gym?

An accident at a gym can result in serious injuries. A personal injury attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation from those who are responsible for the injuries that you sustained from you accident at a gym. Also, an attorney will be able to help defend you against assertions that your own decision to work out at the gym was the reason for your injury.

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