There is an inherent guarantee attached to each product made available to consumers that the product is not defective and will not cause serious harm to the consumer as long as the consumer does not completely misuse the product.

However, products do not always arrive in the store as a company intended them to be. Occasionally, a piece of manufacturing equipment may malfunction, causing the product to come out of the factory with a defect that was never intended by the manufacturer. When this happens, the product may not be able to be used in the manner it was intended without causing accidents and injuries.

The following statistics illustrate the serious harm that can result form manufacturing defects:

  • In 2013, 22 homes in Arkansas had to be evacuated when an Exxon-Mobile pipeline burst as a result of a manufacturing defect, causing a massive oil spill.
  • In 2012, a manufacturing defect in playing cards allegedly caused The Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City to lose $9.6 million dollars.
  • A single manufacturing defect in the Odyssey’s oxygen tanks is what caused NASA’s Apollo 13 mission crew to turn back before they reached the moon.
  • Chrysler recently recalled 1.62 million Jeeps after 2 manufacturing defects present within that type of vehicle caused several fatal accidents, including 37 fires following rear-end collisions.
  • Harley-Davidson recently announced a recall of one type of its motorcycles after it was discovered that a manufacturing defect led to the brake fluid draining out, resulting in serious brake defects.

Contacting a Lawyer for a Manufacturing Defect Issue

A manufacturer owes a general duty to the public to keep defective products from entering into the marketplace. If you have suffered property damage or personal injury as a result of a manufacturing defect, then you should contact a product defects lawyer. A lawyer that is familiar with product liability can assist you in litigating your manufacturing defect case and can help you receive compensation for your injuries.