Work Tools Accident Statistics

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Work Tools Accident Statistics

Work tools and power tools cause hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. Many of these are used in the construction industry. However, they can also be used in other fields such as road work, production and manufacturing, and the automobile industry, to name a few.

Due to their moving parts and electrical powering, work tools can be dangerous to use. They can result in serious work-related injuries, and in some cases, death. Below are some work tools accident statistics that were compiled from various sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and OSHA.

Here are some statistics on the number of emergency room (ER) visits per year caused by individual types of tools (source: "The Most Dangerous Power Tools,", December 2009):

In addition to heavy machinery used at work such as drills, industrial presses, etc., some work tools are also used in home settings for private use. These can also be dangerous, especially if the person is unfamiliar with the operation of such work tools. Thus, it’s important to exercise caution when using work tools.

Lastly, manufacturers recall hundreds of thousands of power tools and work tools every year. Failing to keep current on the status of a work tool can lead to serious injury. Both workers and employers should be informed of the dangers involved with product recalls and product defects.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Work Tool Injuries?

Injuries caused by work tools can sometimes be very serious. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need help filing a legal claim for damages. Your attorney can help determine your legal options according to the laws in your state. If there is an issue with a defective or recalled product, your lawyer can investigate into those matters as well.

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