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What are Defective Products?

Claims involving defective products are also called product liability claims. Manufacturers have a duty to make sure the products they sell to the public are safe. If a product has a design flaw or manufacturing flaw, it is a defective product. When that defect makes the product unsafe, manufacturers may be held liable for any resulting injuries. 

What are Examples of Defective Products?

Any product that is improperly made or manufactured can become the subject of a lawsuit. Defective product cases have involved:

What is a Defective Products Class Action?

In a class action lawsuit, a representative plaintiff files on behalf of a much larger group of people. Class actions sometimes help reduce litigation costs and increase judicial efficiency. However, class action litigation is an incredibly complicated process. You must identify a class representative, certify your class action, and then prove all the elements of your defective products claim.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Defective Products Class Action?

Defective product claims involve a complicated analysis of company records, technical studies, medical evidence, and legal precedent. And, certifying a class action is a process that requires extensive legal knowledge and experience. Without assistance from a defective products lawyer, you might make costly mistakes. Before you attempt to file a defective products class action on your own, always consult with a lawyer.

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