Hazardous Waste Accident Statistics

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Hazardous Waste Accident Statistics

Hazardous waste is incredibly dangerous to the environment and to public health. Unfortunately, hazardous waste is a part of the everyday world because it is a byproduct of many important businesses, including hospitals, automobile repair shops, and oil refineries. In order to keep people and the environment safe, the industries that generate hazardous waste are required to follow strict regulations while handling and disposing of waste.

When hazardous waste is released into the environment, it can have a devastating effect on the local community. Here are some statistics related to hazardous waste accidents in the United States and their effects:

Contacting a Lawyer for a Hazardous Waste Accident

Hazardous waste accidents can be fatal, lead to life-long illnesses, and cause extensive damage to property. If you have been physically hurt or have been otherwise harmed by a hazardous accident, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

A lawyer can assist you in assembling your case against the parties who caused the hazardous waste accident and help you assert your right to compensation for the harm that the accident caused you.

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