Warning Label Accident Statistics

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Warning Label Accident Statistics

Whenever a manufacturer or retailer sells a product that may be dangerous, they must provide a warning label to the consumer of the product warning against the harm that the product may cause. Warning labels are usually intended to warn against foreseeable misuses of the product. However, they may even be necessary where the planned use of the product can cause harm, such as warning labels on cigarette packaging.

Although warning labels are presumed to be effective, they do not always provide an adequate warning. Warning labels may not be fully visible or they may not adequately convey the risk of the harm, and they may not even warn of a particular harm at all. When a warning label is inadequate, accidents and harm that could have otherwise been avoided are likely to occur with the product.

These statistics reveal how warning labels are not adequate to safeguard consumers:

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you have been injured by a product and an adequate warning label would have prevented that injury, then an attorney can assist you in seeking compensation from the parties responsible for the lack of a proper warning label.

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