Gym Liability for Workout Classes

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Gym Liability for Workout Classes

Exercising is usually great for your health, but it can sometimes come with dangers. Extra intense workout classes are becoming more popular in the fitness community, but they are also leading to more injuries. While everyone who exercises should take some personal responsibility for their own safety and fitness abilities, people who become injured may be able to recover from the gym for their injuries.

When Is a Gym Liable for an Injury?

A gym may be liable for injuries that resulted from unsafe equipment or negligently administered classes:

Gyms have a duty to maintain safe equipment and protect you from accidental injuries that can occur from poorly maintained facilities. If you get hurt because a workout machine snaps and falls on you – chances are the gym or the equipment manufacturer is liable.

Can a gym be liable for leading too intense of a workout? In some situations, yes. In 2005, a former navy sailor successfully sued a Crossfit gym for muscle injuries he incurred as the result of a Crossfit class he took. In his lawsuit, the sailor claimed that an unqualified instructor had lead too intense of a workout, failed to properly instruct him, and failed to warn him of the potential injuries he could incur. The court found that the gym had been negligent in their administration of the class and ruled in favor of the injured sailor.

Thus, gyms may be liable for injuries in classroom settings if the gym fails to take reasonable care in their administration of the class to ensure the safety of the class participants.

What Reasonable Precautions Must Gyms Take?

To avoid liability for injuries at workout classes, gyms should:

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you have been injured at a gym, you should contact an attorney to see if you may be able to recover for your injuries.

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