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Portland is the biggest city in Oregon, with a population of over a half a million. The meandering Willamette River runs through the city, while the majestic Columbia River Gorge features cascades of waterfalls racing down sheer mountain peaks. Portland is known as one of the greenest cities in the U.S., with its quiet city parks veiled in mist and rain, and moss hanging solemnly from evergreens.

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Although Portland is a smaller city, it plays an outsized role in the Pacific Northwest legal community because of numerous lawyers handling cases that arise all over Oregon. The Multnomah Bar Association has over 4,200 attorney members.

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Portland lawyers handle a wide variety of cases: civil law, criminal law, personal injury law, environmental law, divorce law, and bankruptcy law. In 1985, the first volcano lawsuit was argued in King County Superior Court. Ash from the blast had covered Portland in a blanket of white. Plaintiff’s lawyers did not sue Mother Nature, but the State of Washington, contending that “red” and “blue” zones were not large enough to protect the 57 victims who were outside of the zone. Washington had allegedly forgone safety to please logging companies, but in the end, was held immune from liability as a state sovereignty.

Portland lawyers must be very familiar with the historic halls and courtrooms of The Multnomah County Courthouse. The Fourth Judicial District of Oregon boasts civil, criminal, and family divisions.

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