When people come to the United States for religious study or instruction they usually apply for a Religious Worker visa, also known as an R-1 visa. This visa only applies to the person who is in the U.S. for religious study or instruction.

If R-1 visa holder’s spouse or children wish to accompany them during their time in the U.S. they need to apply for an R-2 visa. As the R-1 visa usually only lasts for 3 years, an R-2 visa also usually lasts for only 3 years because the validity of an R-2 visa is tied to the validity of the principal R-1 visa.

What Are Holders of an R-2 Visa Allowed to Do?

People in the United States on an R-2 visa can become full time students and can travel freely within the U.S. The holder of an R-2 can also leave the U.S. and reenter, as long as the visa is still valid. Thus, R-2 visas are considered multiple-entry visas.

Even though a holder of an R-2 visa may study full time during his or her time here, no person on an R-2 visa is allowed to work while in the United States.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for an R-2 Visa?

The process for obtaining a Religious Worker visa is very selective. If you or a loved one needs help with a visa application, you should contact an immigration attorney. An experienced immigration lawyer can tell you the requirements of an R-2 visa and explain the process of obtaining one or any other visas that might be applicable.