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What Is a P-3 Visa?

A P-3 visa is a temporary employment visa that allows artists or entertainers to come to the United States in order to perform in a culturally unique event. Like the P-1 and P-2 visas, P-3 visas are only for artists and entertainers. However, unlike the other two visas, the P-3 visa requires that the event the artist or entertainer is coming to the United States to participate in be “culturally unique.”

How Do I Obtain a P-3 Visa?

The application for a P-3 visa must be submitted by the event’s sponsoring organization or a U.S. employer. Even if you are not a performer, if you work or support the P-3 visa applicant in some way, you can also apply for entry under a P-3 visa.

The P-3 visa allows its holder to travel freely within the United States and also to travel outside the U.S. and reenter. Additionally, the visa is usually valid for however long it takes to complete the event as long as it does not exceed one year.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for a P-3 Visa?

If you or a loved one needs help with a visa application, you should contact an immigration attorney. An attorney can help you understand the requirements of a P-3 visa and can assist you with filling out the necessary paperwork.

If you obtain a P-3 visa, you may also wish to obtain a P-4 visa, which allows you to bring your spouse and your children with you. 

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