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Can I Be Punished If I Do Not Pay My Gambling Debts?

Nevada has civil and criminal penalties for anyone who fails to pay their casino debts or unpaid casino markers. Anyone charged and found guilty of failing to pay their casino debts can be sentenced to a minimum of six months in county jail. Nevada also has criminal laws devoted to punishing those who are caught cheating at gambling.

What Does Nevada Mean by Cheating at Gambling?

To cheat at gambling means that a player or employee unlawfully alters the outcome of a game. The game is no longer a game of chance, but a game designed to provide results in the person’s favor.

Is It Illegal to Teach Cheating and Sell Cheating Equipment in Nevada?

Both activities are illegal. Nevada prohibits the selling, manufacturing, or distributing equipment created and designed to cheat at gambling. The state has also made it unlawful to teach another individual how to cheat at gambling.

What Does It Mean to Sell Cheating Equipment?

To manufacture, distribute, or sell equipment designed and created to aid in cheating at gambling means to create, distribute, or sell:

These things are intended to be used to cheat at a gambling game.

What Does It Mean to Teach Someone to Cheat?

Teaching cheating means a person who knows how to cheat has showed or taught someone else how to cheat at gambling or showed them how to use a cheating device.

What If I Was Just Showing Someone How to Cheat for Fun?

It is not a crime if you were simply teaching someone else how to cheat just for fun without any intention for them to use what they are learning in a real gambling setting. A person must have intent or knowledge that what is taught or showed to the individual will be used to cheat at a gambling establishment.

What Is the Punishment for This Crime?

Regardless of whether a person is convicted for selling cheating equipment or instructing them on how to cheat, they are guilty of committing a category B felony. The punishment for a category B felony:

Do I Need an Attorney?

It is in your best interest to get legal representation when you are facing a felony criminal charge. If you are accused of a cheating at gambling crime, contact a Nevada attorney immediately.

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