A Class B felony is a category of felony that applies to crimes that are severe yet not the most serious of crimes.

Because a Class B felony is a felony, it carries tough penalties, such as a lengthy prison sentence and/or extreme fines.

Individuals convicted of Class B felonies face rough and lasting consequences, including long prison sentences that separate them from loved ones, strict supervision through parole or probation, and permanent marks on their records.

Classification of Felonies

There are hundreds of different felonies enumerated in state criminal codes. Legislators attempt to organize these felonies into different classes to make sentencing easier for judges. Many states organize felonies alphabetically, separating them into Class A, Cass B, Class C, and Class D. Class A is reserved for the most violent felonies, such as premeditated murder, and class D is reserved for the least serious felonies, such as possession of illegal narcotics.

Crimes assigned to a specific class are also assigned specific maximum and minimum mandatory sentences by the legislature, including jail time, fines, probation, and restitution. However, the penalties for each class will differ between states.

Some states use different classification systems. Some examples of other classification systems include numerical organizations and grouping crimes by type of offense.

Examples of Class B Felonies

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you have been charged with a Class B felony, you are facing incredibly serious jail time. Your freedom is in jeopardy, and you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for your rights in court. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can assist you with exploring your legal options and crafting a defense theory.