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What Is Child Custody?

Child custody results from decisions made between parents or by the court regarding a child’s legal and physical custody. Laws governing child custody typically take the child’s needs first. This factor may or may not resolve the custody battle between parents. For example, a custody battle may result in parental kidnapping. Parental kidnapping occurs when a relative abducts a minor from the custody of their parent or guardian.

What Is Interference with Child Custody in Texas?

Interference with child custody refers to the criminal act of taking or restraining a minor younger than 18 years old in violation of a custody order.

What Are the Type of Acts Considered Interfering with Child Custody?

Acts considered interfering with the custody of a child in Texas include:

Is Interfering with Child Custody a Felony in Texas?

Yes, it is a jail felony. A jail felony is a criminal sentence of:

Are There Any Defenses I Can Use to Interfering with Child Custody?

Yes. The following are some common defenses in Texas:

Should I Talk to a Lawyer about My Case?

Being convicted of interfering with child custody will not one lead to a harsh punishment, but it will also jeopardize your chances with having access to your child. Contact a Texas lawyer immediately to find out the possible defenses you can use to fight your charge.

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