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Who Is a Felon?

A felon is defined as someone who has been convicted of a violent or non-violent crime punishable by more than one year in prison. As a convicted felon, an individual is not allowed to enjoy certain rights. The specific rights lost depends on the nature of the crime and jurisdiction where the offense was committed.

What Are Some Common Rights a Felon Loses?

The most common rights a felon loses are the rights to:

What Is Gun Rights Restoration?

Gun rights restoration allows someone convicted of a felony to buy and possess a gun again legally.

Are My Gun Rights Restored Automatically?

It depends on where the individual lives. In most jurisdictions, gun rights are restored after he completes probation or makes required changes according to court order. In Virginia and Kentucky, a convicted felon must petition the court to restore gun rights.

What Is Driver’s License Restoration?

Driver’s license restoration is the process by which a person obtains the right to operate a motor vehicle again. For example, an individual convicted of a felony after a series of driving offenses may have driving privileges indefinitely revoked. Driver’s license restoration seeks to re-establish the privilege to drive again.

Will My Driver's License Be Automatically Restored?

It is not automatically restored in most jurisdictions. A person must go through the process of completing driver’s license restoration. This often involves going to court to request a judge return their driver’s license. The process can also involve specific steps such as:

Can I Restore My Voting Privileges?

In some jurisdictions, an individual can vote again after meeting specific requirements, such as:

Do I Need Help Restoring My Rights After a Felony Conviction?

Restoring your rights after being convicted of a felony is a long and complicated process. Contact a criminal lawyer to understand more about restoring some of your rights after you have completed your felony sentence.

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