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What Is a Class B Felony?

A Class B felony is a classification reserved for very serious crimes, although these crimes are not as serious as Class A felonies. Class B felonies typically include crimes against a person or possession of illegal items, such as:

Each jurisdiction includes different very serious offenses in this classification. Thus, what is considered a Class B felony in one state may be a Class A or C felony in another state.

What Is the Typical Sentence for a Class B Felony?

The actual sentence a defendant faces for a Class B felony depends on the jurisdiction where they committed the crime. In many jurisdictions, the minimum sentence a defendant will serve for a Class B felony is one year in prison. They may face an additional fine or prison time depending on the charge and facts of the case. For example, in federal court, a defendant may face at least 25 years in prison. The state of Washington has a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine for Class B felonies. However, a defendant facing this type of felony in Wisconsin may be sentenced to up to 60 years in prison.

Does a Class B Felony Have a Minimum Sentence?

No, unless the jurisdiction in which the felony charges are filed has mandatory minimum sentencing.

Can I Receive a Harsh Sentence for a Class B Felony?

It is usually up to the judge’s discretion whether to give a defendant a harsh sentence. If there are extenuating circumstances, the judge may sentence a defendant to a harsher sentence that they would normally receive.

What Is an Extenuating Circumstance?

An extenuating, or aggravating, circumstance is a circumstance that makes the crime worse than if it had not been present. Examples of an extenuating circumstance include:

Should I Talk to an Attorney about a Class B Felony?

A Class B felony is a serious crime, and a conviction for it can be a lengthy prison sentence. Thus, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal attorney if you are facing a Class B felony charge.

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