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What Is Legal Gambling in Nevada?

Legal gambling includes activities such as lottery, charitable raffles, bingo, and betting on horses. In Nevada, casino gambling is a major attraction. The state has many laws devoted to making many gambling activities illegal.

Does Nevada Have a Law that Criminalizes Cheating at Gambling?

Since revenue generated by gambling is a major portion of money coming into the state, it makes sense that Nevada would prohibit cheating in relation to gambling. Thus, it is not surprising that, according to state law, it is unlawful for anyone to cheat at any type of gambling game.

What Does Nevada Mean by “Cheat"?

To cheat in the context of gambling refers to alter the game of chance. Nevada considers altering the chance present in the game by using a method of criteria to determine the:

Are Cheating and Not Paying Casino Markers the Same Crime?

No, even though they are both tied to gambling. To have a casino marker means a person took out a loan, or credit, from a casino. It is a crime in Nevada not to repay that marker when due. Cheating at gambling simply means a person is accused of doing something outside the rules of the game to place the odds in their favor. 

Is Cheating at Gambling a Misdemeanor in Nevada?

No. Cheating at gambling is a category B felony, not a misdemeanor.

What Is the Sentence for a Category B Felony in Nevada?

For the cheating at gambling, the criminal sentence depends on the offense. A first cheating at gambling offense is publishable by:

The maximum sentence for a for second conviction of cheating at gambling is:

Do I Need an Attorney?

Proper legal representation is essential when accused of this kind of crime. Contact a Nevada criminal attorney immediately for help fighting this criminal charge.

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