Cheating at gambling is the unlawful act of altering or manipulating a game of chance in a person’s favor. Nevada has various laws enacted to stop individuals from cheating at gambling. For instance, gambling fraud is the illegal act of deceiving a gambling organization or another individual about a bet, device, or game.

What Is a Cheating Device in Gambling?

A cheating device in gambling is any outside device created, designed, or used to give a person an advantage in a casino game. These devices achieve this by:

  • Projecting or changing an outcome
  • Analyzing gambling probabilities
  • Giving a person a strategy in any type of casino game
  • Keeping track of cards

Is Using a Cheating Device the Same as Using Counterfeit Chips?

No. Using counterfeit chips in Nevada means to recreate any type of casino wagering instrument to use at a casino. Wagering instruments include chips, wagering credits, and/or tokens. Using a counterfeit wagering instrument is not the same as using a cheating device to make it easier to win at a casino game.

Are Teaching People How to Cheat and Using a Cheating Device the Same Crime in Nevada?

Although they have the same criminal punishment, they are not the same crime. Teaching a person how to cheat is to attempt to or actually teach an individual how to cheat by showing them how to use a cheating device.

What Is the Punishment for a Conviction of Using a Cheating Device?

A use of a cheating device conviction is a category B felony.  The punishment for this type of conviction is:

  • One to six years in prison
  • $10,000 fine
  • Fine and prison time

For a first-time conviction, probation may be available as an alternative to being sent to prison. However, probation is not available for any subsequent convictions of using a cheating device.

Should I Contact a Lawyer about My Criminal Case?

Yes. You should always hire legal representation to fight your criminal charge. Contact a Nevada criminal lawyer immediately.