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What Is a Class D Felony?

Class D is typically the lowest level of felonies in most states, and a number of this type of felony are non-violent.

In criminal law, two classifications denote the type of punishment a defendant may receive: misdemeanor or felony. The most serious crimes, such as murder, are considered Class A felonies. After that, the crimes decrease in seriousness and punishment for the crimes decrease.

How Serious Are Class D Felonies?

A Class D felony is a crime considered to be serious, but less serious than other felonies. It’s typically the lowest class of felonies in many jurisdictions. The only exceptions are in New York and Illinois.  In New York, the lowest felony classification is Class E. In Illinois, the lowest felony classification is level 4. Penalties for this type of felony include:

Could I Receive More than Seven Years in Prison?

Yes. Modification to a sentence depends on the extenuating factors like prior criminal history. For example, a defendant with no prior convictions may receive two years in prison. A defendant with one felony conviction may receive a sentence ranging from five to seven years. A defendant with more than one felony conviction, may receive the maximum of 25 years in prison. The harsh sentence is only for defendants with violent prior crimes. Otherwise, it’s a maximum of seven years.

What Are Class D Felony Crimes?

Crimes considered Class D felonies vary by state, but generally include:

Do I Need to Contact a Criminal Attorney?

If you are facing a Class D felony, contact a criminal attorney. The attorney will advise you of your rights, explain the criminal charge in your state and possible sentence. The attorney can also represent and defend you in court.

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