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What are Ladder Injuries?

Ladder injuries are injuries sustained when a person falls off of a ladder. In some cases, these can involve very serious injuries or even death, especially for falls from very high up on a ladder. Ladder injuries are somewhat common as they are used in various settings, such as:

Ladder injuries can involve various types of ladders, including:

What are Some Common Ladder Injuries? 

As mentioned, ladder injuries can be particularly serious. Since there is usually no landing area or catch net for many ladder uses, especially for quick “do-it-yourself” projects in or around the home, most ladder injuries are sustained due to a fall (similar to a slip and fall incident). These may include:

Another common ladder injury is electrocution. This can occur with metal ladders, or when a person is working on electrical wires, lines, or components while on a ladder. Lastly, ladder injuries can also involve people on the ground. For instance, if someone on the ground is struck by an item or another person falling from a ladder (or from the ladder itself falling down).

Are There Any Legal Issues Associated with Ladder Injuries?

Ladder injuries may be attributed to a number of causes and can also involve a number of different legal issues. Some legal issues associated with ladder injuries include:

Many ladder injuries can lead to a lawsuit. These can result in the liable party paying a damages award to the injured party. The award may compensate the person for costs associated with their injury.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with a Ladder Injury Claim?

Ladder injuries can be serious and may require the assistance of a legal professional. You may need to hire a personal injury attorney in your area if you need legal advice, guidance, or representation in connection with a ladder injury. Your lawyer can provide you with legal services throughout the duration of the legal proceedings.

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