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What Is the Sciatic Nerve?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It runs from the spinal cord to the hips and buttocks and travels to each leg. When the sciatic nerve is injured or damaged, this damage is referred to as sciatica. The damage causes pain throughout the entire nerve. Thus, an individual can experience pain all the way from their spinal cord to their feet.

What Type of Pain Can Sciatic Nerve Damage Cause?

A damaged or injured sciatic nerve can cause:

In addition to the symptoms listed above, a person can also experience difficulty maneuvering around or moving their leg.

When Can I File a Sciatica Lawsuit?

When a sciatica injury is caused by another party, the injured individual can file a personal injury claim. The specific legal theory used to obtain money from the defendant depends on the facts surrounding the injury, such as:

What Do I Need to Prove in a Sciatica Lawsuit?

What a plaintiff must prove to win their lawsuit depends on the legal theory that they are suing under. For example, if the defendant negligently caused the sciatica, the plaintiff must prove the defendant:

  1. Owed a duty of care to the plaintiff
  2. Breached that duty
  3. Caused the accident
  4. Inflicted the sciatica as a result of the accident

If the sciatica occurred because of an intentional tort such as battery or assault, the plaintiff has to prove the specific elements related to that claim.

What If My Sciatica Injury Is Work-Related?

An individual injured at work typically cannot file a personal injury lawsuit for their work-related injury. Instead, they must file a claim for workers’ compensation through their company. Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance program to compensate employees who sustain a workplace injury. Eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation are rigid. For instance, the person filing the claim must be an actual employee, not an independent contractor, and their injury must have been incurred while working.

Do I Need to Contact an Attorney about My Sciatica Lawsuit?

It is in your best interest in contact a personal injury attorney about your sciatica injury. An attorney will explain your legal rights and which type of claim you can file.

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