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What Is Arsenic?

Arsenic is a poison that was previously used as an insecticide. It was also used to treat wood before people realized just how deadly it is.

What Happens If I Ingest Arsenic?

Arsenic is a highly poisonous substance. Ingesting arsenic, absorbing arsenic through the skin, or breathing in arsenic can immediately lead to long-term injury or death.

What Are Arsenic Poisoning Symptoms?

Immediate symptoms of arsenic poisoning includes:

Long-term symptoms include:

What Causes Arsenic to Exist?

Arsenic is an element that naturally occurs in minerals found in the following parts of the natural environment:

Arsenic can also be created in a lab.

Are There Different Types of Arsenic Compounds?

Yes. There are three distinct types of arsenic:

Inorganic arsenic is more toxic than organic arsenic.

Am I at Risk for Arsenic Poisoning?

Your likelihood of exposure to arsenic depends on a variety of factors impacting your everyday life, such as employment and environment. Arsenic is widely used by companies, and working for a company that uses arsenic can increase the chance of exposure. For example, arsenic can be found in groundwater, poultry, rice, and fish because of the high concentration of antibiotics in feed.

Can I Become Exposed to Arsenic at My Job?

Yes, workers can be exposed to arsenic while merely doing their job. Workers in many industries can be exposed to high arsenic toxicity levels. These industries include:

Can I Sue If I Suffer Symptoms of Arsenic Poisoning?

Yes. An individual who suffers harm due to toxic arsenic exposure can sue the party who is responsible for exposing them to arsenic. This sort of lawsuit is normally based on negligence, as the average defendant does not intentionally expose the average plaintiff to arsenic or other poisons.

What Do I Need to Prove In Order to Win a Negligence Lawsuit?

To win a negligence lawsuit, a plaintiff must prove:

Do I Need to Talk to a Lawyer about Arsenic Poisoning?

Arsenic poisoning is an incredibly dangerous risk that no one should have to face without adequate compensation. Contact a personal injury lawyer to understand more about how to proceed with a lawsuit against anyone who may have put you at risk of arsenic poisoning.

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