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Snowboarding Injuries Lawyers

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Snowboarding Injuries Lawyers

Extreme sports such as snowboarding require taking certain bodily risks to complete a turn or jump. The increased interest in snowboarding has caused serious injuries and/or death for the snowboarder. An individual injured in a snowboarding accident may receive compensation for injuries that occur during the activity.

What Are Common Snowboarding Injuries?

Snowboarding injuries range from mild to severe and include:

  • Knee injury
  • Lower leg fracture
  • Brain injury
  • Head injury
  • Wrist sprain
  • Spinal injury 

How Do Snowboarding Accidents Occur?

The most common types of snowboarding accidents include collisions with other snowboarders and:

  • Falls
  • Collisions with objects like signs, trees, and fences
  • Snowboarding equipment failure
  • Inadequate snowboarding instructions by a snowboarding instructor

Can Snowboarding Accidents Be Caused by Negligence?

Yes. If a snowboarding injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then the individual has the right to sue that person. Negligence is the failure to use the amount of care an ordinary person in the same or similar circumstances would use. Examples of snowboarding lawsuits based on negligence include:

  • The defendant, who is the person being sued, collided with the plaintiff after acting recklessly or carelessly
  • There was a problem with the trails or parks where the plaintiff was snowboarding, such as a design flaw or poor maintenance
  • A snowboarding instructor led the plaintiff to a particular terrain beyond their skill level, in which case both the instructor and the school or resort employing the instructor can be sued

Can I Sue If My Snowboarding Injury Was the Result of a Defective Product?

Yes. Whenever a product such as a snowboard causes harm to the user based on a design defect, warning defect, or defective manufacturing, it is considered a defective product. Under product liability, manufacturers, designers, distributors, and retailers can be held responsible for the defective product.

Do I Need to Contact a Lawyer Regarding My Snowboarding Injuries?

Yes. You could receive money to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering because of someone else’s negligence. Contact a personal injury lawyer to understand your right to sue. 

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