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What Is a Fire Injury?

A fire injury is an injury sustained because of an unexpected or uncontrolled fire. Typically, the fire occurs because of the negligence of one or more persons or companies. One cause of a fire may be an electrical problem.

What Is an Electrical Fire?

An electrical fire occurs because of a problem with electrical wiring throughout the entire structure.

What Are Some Common Causes of Electrical Fires?

Some common causes of an electrical fire are:

Is a Space Heater Fire the Same as an Electrical Fire?

Not always. Space heaters are self-contained, small portable devices used to heat a tiny area. The heater may be electric or gas-powered. Space heaters are one type of fire that can happen in a structure. The heaters can cause fire injuries because of faulty wiring, electric overload (in which case, it may be part of an electrical fire), or flammable materials located too close to devices. As a result, the heater can cause a fire that can be confined to a very small area, unlike a typical electrical fire that covers a large area.

Are There Warning Signs Regarding Preventing Electrical Fires?

Yes. An individual should look for the following signs which can lead to a fire caused by an electrical problem:

Who Can I Sue for Electrical Fire Damage?

Who a plaintiff can sue for the electrical fire damage depends on who is at fault. The parties possibly at fault include:

Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

An electrical fire can be devastating and result in significant damage and property loss. To determine if you can sue and who the possible defendants might be, contact a personal injury lawyer.

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