Many women use birth control in an effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies. While there are many types of birth control, it typically refers to any device, product, or substance used to prevent pregnancy. Essure is one type of birth control that has caused serious issues leading to lawsuits being filed against the manufacturer of the birth control.

What is Essure?

Essure is a birth control device created by the German company Bayer that  is supposed to permanently prevent pregnancy from happening. It is a soft metal device with coils implanted into the fallopian tubes. An incision does not have to be made when the device is implanted.

What are Some Issues Associated with Essure?

Since the introduction of Essure in 2002, it has caused many side effects, some of which are very serious. The reported side effects include:

  • Pelvic pain;
  • Fatigue;
  • Weight gain;
  • Movement of the device;
  • Tears in the pelvic organs;
  • Issue with pregnancy, including fetal death and ectopic pregnancy;
  • Need for a hysterectomy; and
  • Death.

Before electing to get Essure, these side effects should be discussed and considered.

An Essure lawsuit is a legal claim filed against Bayer, the manufacturer of the birth control device. This sort of lawsuit usually alleges that Bayer failed to adequately warn women who choose to use the device about possible birth control injuries and side effects associated with the product. Reports show that over 3,700 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer, which has cost the company millions of dollars.

This type of lawsuit usually falls under product liability, which can be brought when a consumer is injured by a product. If an injury occurs, you can sue the maker of the product and seek money for the damage that was caused to you.

If I Have Been Injured by Essure, Should I Contact an Attorney?

An injury caused by Essure is typically very serious and expensive. If you have experienced any of the known side effects associated with Essure, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to explore you options and discuss filing a lawsuit against Bayer.