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Arbonne Lawsuits

Arbonne Lawsuits

Herbal supplements, also known as botanicals, are used to cure or help a particular disorder or disease. Many people also take herbal supplements such as Arbonne to become fit. Herbal supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means many people do not know if Arbonne products are safe for consumers.

What Is Arbonne?

Arbonne consists of a 30-day herbal supplement kit promoted to help individuals feel more in-shape. It also promises to remove the guesswork out of feeling physically fit. The kit includes various products, including a daily fiber boost, protein shakes, and herbal detox tea. This kit is sold by Arbonne International, which sells herbal supplements.

Have Consumers Experienced Problems with the 30-day Kit?

Yes. An Indiana woman filed an herbal supplements lawsuit in U.S. District Court located in the Northern District of Indiana in 2013. She claims that she began taking the herbal supplement, then began experiencing fatigue and jaundice after approximately six weeks. She was later diagnosed with acute liver failure. The lawsuit alleges her liver failure developed after ingesting toxic levels of green tea extracts.

What Is the Basis of the Arbonne Lawsuit?

The lawsuit was filed based on the theories that the Arbonne kit was a defective product, the defendant breached a warranty, and negligence

What Is a Defective Product?

Defective product is any item causing injury to an individual because of:

Arbonne may be considered a defective product because it caused harm to a consumer while the consumer was taking it as instructed by the manufacturer.

What Is a Breach of Warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee by a seller that a product has a specific quality. For example, Arbonne is supposed to make an individual feel fit, not make them sick. If the product does not perform as promised, the seller may be liable for breaching its warranty.

Should I Contact an Attorney If I Am Harmed By Arbonne?

Herbal supplements such as Arbonne can be incredibly harmful even when taken properly, especially when the manufacturers of these supplements fail to be completely honest as to what exactly is in these supplements and the negative effects those ingredients could have. Contact a personal injury attorney if you became sick after using Arbonne.

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