Holiday Accidents

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Holiday Accidents

Personal injury is defined as an injury as one caused by another person or entity. During the holiday season, it is more common to suffer a personal injury than to receive the most-sought after present of the year.

What Are Common Holiday Accidents?

Common holiday accidents are those that typically occur more frequently during the holiday season rather any other type. For example, one common holiday accident is falling while putting up holiday decorations. The accident can happen while falling from the roof of a home or decorating a Christmas tree.

Can Holiday Accidents Be Fatal?

Yes. Many people die each year because of two common holiday accidents. The first is called a candle-started fire. This type of fire occurs when someone or a person’s pet knocks over a candle at a residence and a fire results. The other incredibly common and deadly type of holiday accident is a fire caused by space heaters. Sometimes, people leave portable spaces heaters on while they leave their home to go traveling over the holidays. In other instances, flammable materials such as wrapping paper may be left around the heaters while people are at home. A fire from a space heater ca destroy valuable property and even kill people.

What Are Some Injuries Caused by Holiday Accidents?

Holiday accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries, including:

Can I Sue for a Holiday Accident?

Possibly. Whether a person can sue or not truly depends on who caused the accident. Most personal injury cases that happen around the holidays are the result of negligence, which is a legal term to describe the failure to use the amount of care that an ordinary individual would use in similar or same circumstances.

For example, a person who attends a holiday dinner party and becomes ill because of a food-borne illness can sue the host. This is because there is a possibility that the host negligently prepared the food in a way that deviated from how a person exercising normal precautions, such as refrigerating ingredients or baking an item to a specific temperature, would have prepared it.

Should I Talk to a Lawyer about a Holiday Injury I Sustain?

Yes. Holiday accidents can result in a personal injury claim. Talk to a personal injury lawyer about your legal options if you have been injured as a result of holiday activities or while visiting others during the holidays.

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